An American Eclipse Tale


It was a great opportunity for me and Catalin Fus to capture some fine images of the corona structure, using some of the finest refractors out there, a 160mm CFF Telescopes, f/6,5, oil spaced triplet apochromat. I know that such a high eclipse, in such part of the world with great infrastructure and so on, will not happen soon. But there came the clouds. Not dangerous ones for visual observations on the corona and chromosphere, but thick enough for good imaging data.

These are the resulting images from our expedition to totality, my 10th total solar eclipse to date. I’m already making plans for my next one in Chile 2019!

Photo credit:
Catalin Beldea, Catalin Fus / Stiinta&Tehnica Magazine Team / Romania
CFF Telescopes 160mm oil spaced triplet apo, f/6,5
CFF Telescopes 80 mm, f/6 oil spaced triplet apo, f/6
Canon 5DSR
Canon 6D
Samsung S8
Location: Meadow Acres, near Casper, Wy

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